Admissions are open for the Academic Year 2021-22.


Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering - Overview

In the era of rapid growth, Electronic engineers play a key role to bring about revolution in everyday life through merging technologies of communications and computing. Understanding the significance of electronic revolution driving the country, our goal is to impart quality education contemplating on life-long inquiry, reasoned analysis and create solutions to address societal requirements. The faculty team is committed to envision manifestation of high quality education that includes hands-on experience, research and implementation of industry-standard innovative projects. The department strives to ensure strong professional skills with teaming and leadership qualities, involvement in technical activities and internship experiences. The department believes that emphasizing these attributes shall make the students qualified to take lead roles for the benefit of the country as a whole. Augmented department initiatives are strong interactions and MOUs with leading technology domain industries and consultancies.

Established: 1991

Sanctioned Intake: 60

Status of the Department: Management

Laboratories: Machine Lab-I, Machine Lab-II, High Voltage Lab, Electrical Measurement Micro-Processor Lab, Power Electronics Lab and Computer Lab.

Other Facilities: Department Library