Admissions are open for the Academic Year 2021-22.


Dr. Rudra Naik
Principal, BMSECE

Welcome to BMS Evening College of Engineering!

I am honored to serve BMS Community as the Principal because our college is filled with incredibly talented students who love learning. On behalf of faculty, staff and students it gives immense pleasure and I am excited to welcome all the new entrants to BMS family. We are proud members of BMS Evening College of Engineering with a legacy of four decades. We offer a seamless education between the academic programs and the technical programs. Our staff members consistently focus on helping our students grow into responsible, respectful community members who have the skills and desire to be lifelong learners and contributors. Together we strive to become the best career technical education system in India as well as globally. In doing so, we maintain strong partnerships with industry to ensure that our career and technical programs remain current and responsive to the needs of the workforce.

Our educational model affords opportunities to students interested in pursuing meaningful careers in the areas of their chosen domain. It is our goal at BMSECE that all students experience success. Students are continually recognized for their effort and accomplishments. We are determined to provide students with the opportunity to develop an awareness of his/her strengths and improve on their weaknesses. We provide a positive atmosphere that is conducive for learning and it is our intent that all students at BMSECE be proud of their accomplishments and strive for excellence.